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How does CustomerAxis work?

The innovative CustomerAxis solution provides a collection of key information regarding your customers. It gives you access to the most important information about your customers, which allows their better understanding and building effective relationships with them. Our solution collects and identifies data from various sources operating within the organization; then normalizes, enriches and combines them in a Data Quality model - providing your company with access to the best set of customer information.



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    Explore CustomerAxis functionalities

    Customer Register

    Intuitive and convenient register of all customers in your company provides easy access to even the most detailed data - facilitating, among other things, customer service and marketing activities. Information collected in a single record allows you to check in a few clicks in which systems a particular customer's data are stored - significantly reducing the time needed to gather them.

    Golden Records

    Integrated, organized and fully enriched customer data collected in one place will guarantee your company the highest quality of analysis and reliable and transparent reports. Going to a higher level of data management will allow you to take care of the security and comfort of your customers more effectively.

    Data mining

    CustomerAxis, with its advanced data filtering and searching solution, makes the process of collecting and verifying information much easier. You can devote the time thus saved to your company's key tasks and goals.

    GDPR Requests

    Convenient and transparent registration of customer requests related to GDPR allows you to store requests in one place and provides full control over their handling. CustomerAxis allows fully automatic handling of received requests and easy generation of all documents needed in the process.

    Customer data management

    Advanced solutions suggest to the user which of their data may need improvement. Tools for filtering and searching for the data you need, combined with a clear register and the ability to manage marketing consents, ensure that the data you have are always up-to-date and of the highest quality.


    Management of enhancements and dictionaries allows for increased data security and greater flexibility in using the system.


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